Wednesday, October 8, 2014

2014 - The Season of No Themes

It took some time to get full rights back for my hijacked '' and now that it's back to full power more-or-less, I'm trying to add themes again. Since Mid-Feb. 2013 I've added over 1,200 and done lots of fixes.

Now it is time to start adding themes for the new 2014 season and dang if there's almost none so-far! Less than 10 of 35 that I've viewed up to now. I don't count 10-second logo flashes as themes. Music-wise the only one I'd write home about is a tot's show "Mia and Me". Great chances missed with Gotham not having any full theme. Betting it is a money thing.

As for the stuff I really like, so far only "Forever" is worth anything. Gotham is really OK, but I'm just not into the 'dark' stuff. Most everything else is too vulgar and/or lewd. I'm not going to scream about taking something off the air - let the adults decide what they want to watch, that's the way it's always done. Sooner or later I'll be down to just watching my DVDs of 1960s series.

Hate the storyline of "Person of Interest", they have ruined one of the few shows I like. I have high hopes for "Flash" (it's on my DVR got to sit down and watch it) and might even give "Arrow" another chance. I'm not a follower of Marvel Comics so I don't understand why they did what they did with SHIELD so "Agents of.." is lost to me now. I do want to watch "Agent Carter" since it will be set in the past.

Gee.... I like ranting!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Being “Touch”ed by a new FOX show

Touch (Fox 2012)

I’m trying to figure out what it is about this show that I am finding so ‘touching’ (pun intended). There’s been so very-very few shows on any of the networks/cable channels over the past few years that I could even stand 5 minutes of. The pilot of this a few weeks ago have me crying, and I still don’t know what it is. Having ZERO interest in the former ‘24’ series it’s sure not the lead actor so it has to be the writing and the subject matter. Just how long can the writers keep this up? I am going to hang around every week to see. The 3rd episode did have a weak sub-plot of a little kid rap-dancing or whatever. The building of Danny Glover’s character is a very good idea, always liked that guy since “Angels in the Outfield” years ago.

TOUCH:  L-R:  Kiefer Sutherland, David Mazouz and Gugu Mbatha-Raw.  TOUCH makes its World Premiere Thursday, March 22 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.  ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.  Cr:  Brian Bowen Smith/FOX

(Photo is © Fox Television)

I do not believe in “coincidence” at all so maybe that’s why I like this show. I know everything – and I mean everything – happens for a reason/purpose. Just what that reason/purpose is we are not always in line to know.

Another thing this series does, like USA Network’s “Monk”, is to try and show us that being ‘different’ only means living outside the expected ‘normal’ that society sets up, and that 'difference’ is just that person’s normal. Get over it and love ‘em.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Penguins of Madagascar

Penguins of Madagascar

This is really a rant! I'm caught watching this cartoon all the time, I love it! This is not about the art, the stories, or production but rather trying to get a real list of episodes! You Can't Do It!! Every English-speaking country has been getting these episodes in different order, some episodes appear here, not there or there and not here! In the USA I've counted 14 episodes that have not appeared here, ten of those have yet to appear anywhere!

And so far season 2 is over 18 months long! Just yesterday (August 20, 2011) there was another 1/2 hour special which Nick advertised only for a few days. The ads call it "Operation: Vacation", the title card in the episode says it is "Hoboken Surprise" and neither title can be found on any of the five episode lists I try to follow!! TIVO called it season two.

At the end of the show there's an ad for a September 9, 2011 1-hour Penguins of Madagascar special featuring the return of Dr. Blowhole and guest-stars "Alex the Lion". Just wonder if 'they' consider this the end of season two (Finally!) or the start of season three (Finally!).

I just want to have a good list so I know if there's any of these great episodes I've missed (and I have in the past)

UPDATE: 04-24-2012

Last week Nick gave up 5 new single episodes (for my area anyway) and 1 30-minute special for Earth Day. I noticed on TiVo that 4 of six had a season 3 tag! While that’s great, all six of the episodes had a copyright at the end of 2010. This is giving me hope that it is not the end for this series yet I wonder if any really new episodes have been produced or if Nick has just rat-holed some episodes and are releasing them a few at a time with this batch an advertising tie-in to the new Madagascar 3 feature film that my grandson is jumping up and down waiting for.

UPDATE: 09-14-2012

There’s no ‘official’ word from Nick on this but I think we’re at the end for this cartoon. The toon is totally off the Nick schedule and is only on the Nicktoons line-up. Over at Dreamworks I’ve noticed that all the names associated with the series are now very busy with various new projects. If this is the case, it’s been a great ride and the last episode they showed was just as fresh as the first which is a rare thing indeed. I still have a list of some episode titles that were secured copyrights but not shown (at least in my area) so maybe there will be some new treats in the future.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Surprised about Surprise Homecoming

Surprise Homecoming

TLC started up a Reality Series with host Billy Ray Cyrus called "Surprise Homecoming". It's a great 'feel good' series where secret arragements are made for a Military member to be able to make a surprise visit to a loved one or two or three and so on.
It's the only Reality Series I've bothered to watch more than 30 seconds of since the start of this reality craze years ago.
What really burns my knickers is that this is about the only series that TLC has ever tried that is not trying to re-educate people to what the liberal left wants or trying to make Christians the bad guys and just tearing down the moral fiber of this country.
They must know it because you can go to their site and find out tons of information on all their shows on the schedule ----- except for this one! It's on the TV Schedule but it you want infomation about the series you have to go and google it (or yahoo it). Maybe 'they' are just working on a page for the show.
If you love our G.I.'s like I do, don't miss this show. It's great to see the support system that so many family members have. God Bless each and every one of them!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Ruby and the Rockits

Ruby and The Rockits (ABC Family, 8/2009)

David stars with his half-brother (I hate that term), Patrick in a new sitcom, written and produced by another brother, Shaun. Frankly I think the Cassidy boys have a real gem on their hands. I've really enjoyed "The Partridge Family" and have had a real festival since the series was released on DVD's.

Shaun is really the amazing one here. Look at what this Hardy Boy has produced in the past! Roar (1997) which I think is one of the best fantasy adventures ever made, a few of the American Gothic episodes (1995) which is still part of my nightmares, Invasion (2005) and a host of other drama episodes around the tube. Now he's gone from dark dramas to a light, uplifting comedy! Amazing switch-over.

Here's a screen capture of David from 1970:

And here he is from the 1st

"Ruby" show this year:

David's still got it as far as I'm concerned. The singing voice is still going strong as he turns 60. I know he's had his issues, but this show proves real talent never leaves. And should have been around on TV about ten times more than he has been.

Brother Patrick has been all over the TV screen since 1980, never anything major, but he must be good to be able to work so much in so many dramas. I just never knew he had a singing voice!

How and why did they leave out the 4th and youngest Cassidy brother, Ryan? He's got to become a regular or a re-occuring guest star on this series, come on Shaun, let's make this a full family affair.... and you're Mom, Shirley's still got it too!

David's "daughter" in the series is played by Alexa Vega, I just knew I knew that face from somewhere..... that's our Spy Kid (Carmen) all grown up, OK, at least to age 21, playing a teenager. And again, I would have never guessed that she had such a voice either.

This series is a gem. My advice to the ABC (Always Bloated Crap) Family channel is to dump the other garbage and lean heavy into this one. In comedy, timing is everything. I have always considered David as having it, now I see it's a family trait and the cast 'family' is catching it as well.

Since Canada's "Corner Gas" stopped production I didn't think I'd ever find another new sitcom that I would enjoy. Sure am glad I kept looking and I will keep looking at this one every week. Looking forward to Alexa and cast's music CD release... it has to happen!!

Update May, 2010: Kinda let things slide a bit and not posted anything for ages. What is totally official is that "ABC Family" (A New Kind of Family) axed this show. It did not fit into Disney's new idea of "Family" since there was nobody having sex with under-age teens, no sodimites, not even the dad was having sex with his kids.... just not what ABC Family wants to shove down our necks. Well, the ONLY show I've ever bothered to watch on their network is gone so I've even removed the channel from my lineup so my remote just passes it by. I'll stick with the Original Kind of Family myself.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Lotsa Luck!

Lotsa Luck! NBC ran this single-season sitcom from 9/73 to 3/74. The main player was Dom DeLuise who was really in his prime when it came to the one-liners and firing the come-backs to fellow cast members which included Kathleen Freeman as his mother. You will be hard pressed to find a series on TV in 50s, 60s and 70s that she did not do something in. Loved her as the housekeeper (her normal role) in the "Topper" TV series in the early 50s. She worked right up to her death in 2001, with a voice-over role in "Shrek". A bit-part in the show was done by Jack Knight who's been working steady since 1973 and again, still hard working at age 71.
I have love Dom in nearly everything he did on TV and movies. In his case, the apple did not fall far from the tree. There's tons of father-son, mother-daughter actors in Hollywood but few look and act like this father-son pair.

David DeLuise, who's staring on the Teen comedy, "Wizards of Waverly Place" on the Dizzy Channel, looks - talks - walks - and acts like his dad. I think he's been wasted as a comic talent until now and the writers can't give him the space he deserves because it's a kid show. Sure do hope he gets his own show soon.

Now I've got to get off my lazy can and capture the theme song from "Lotsa Luck"!
Lotsa Luck was one of the USA's better efforts at redoing a good British sitcom. This was directly based on the hit series, "On the Buses" which ran from 1969-1973. Our USA version says it was "Created" by Carl Reiner (along with Bill Persky and Sam Denoff). If you take somebody else's product and just rework it, is that a 'creation'? I don't think so.
This has tons of guest stars you know by face if you're a classic TV fan. This includes Mel Carter in episode 14 and Ruth Buzzi in episode 15. And you can't miss a very, very young Suzanne Somers in episode 21.
For information about the 22-episode run, start at:

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Where are we going and Why am I in this handbasket?

I LOVE old classic TV Shows! Comedy (Sitcoms), Cartoons, Sci-Fi, Adventure! Not just here in the USSA, but from England, Canada, Australia, New Zeland just to name a few. Started out just collecting audio tracks of the show's themesong. Then faster PCs came along, faster internet connections, larger hard drives and Multimedia and I've started collecting the full episodes too! I perfer TV Captures, and if the commercials are there, that's even better! Yes, I like old commercials too, often they are better than the show.

OK, I'm most easily found in the newsgroups. is one place I look for messages, requests. If you're looking for a TV Themesong, then start your journey at - it's been around for over 15 years now. There's so many that moving around might be tuff, but there's a ton there. These are in a MPeg-Layer 3 waveform .wav format. Some players will not work with these now without tweaking. If you're not in the mood to play geek and mess around then just rename the files from .wav to .mp3 and they will work.
OK, why not store them as .mp3 in the first place? Well, the site is called WAVE Themes, not MP3 Themes. Started this site out long before the mp3 experience started and it's just the way I want to do things. I'm too old of a dog to change tricks now.