Friday, August 21, 2009

Ruby and the Rockits

Ruby and The Rockits (ABC Family, 8/2009)

David stars with his half-brother (I hate that term), Patrick in a new sitcom, written and produced by another brother, Shaun. Frankly I think the Cassidy boys have a real gem on their hands. I've really enjoyed "The Partridge Family" and have had a real festival since the series was released on DVD's.

Shaun is really the amazing one here. Look at what this Hardy Boy has produced in the past! Roar (1997) which I think is one of the best fantasy adventures ever made, a few of the American Gothic episodes (1995) which is still part of my nightmares, Invasion (2005) and a host of other drama episodes around the tube. Now he's gone from dark dramas to a light, uplifting comedy! Amazing switch-over.

Here's a screen capture of David from 1970:

And here he is from the 1st

"Ruby" show this year:

David's still got it as far as I'm concerned. The singing voice is still going strong as he turns 60. I know he's had his issues, but this show proves real talent never leaves. And should have been around on TV about ten times more than he has been.

Brother Patrick has been all over the TV screen since 1980, never anything major, but he must be good to be able to work so much in so many dramas. I just never knew he had a singing voice!

How and why did they leave out the 4th and youngest Cassidy brother, Ryan? He's got to become a regular or a re-occuring guest star on this series, come on Shaun, let's make this a full family affair.... and you're Mom, Shirley's still got it too!

David's "daughter" in the series is played by Alexa Vega, I just knew I knew that face from somewhere..... that's our Spy Kid (Carmen) all grown up, OK, at least to age 21, playing a teenager. And again, I would have never guessed that she had such a voice either.

This series is a gem. My advice to the ABC (Always Bloated Crap) Family channel is to dump the other garbage and lean heavy into this one. In comedy, timing is everything. I have always considered David as having it, now I see it's a family trait and the cast 'family' is catching it as well.

Since Canada's "Corner Gas" stopped production I didn't think I'd ever find another new sitcom that I would enjoy. Sure am glad I kept looking and I will keep looking at this one every week. Looking forward to Alexa and cast's music CD release... it has to happen!!

Update May, 2010: Kinda let things slide a bit and not posted anything for ages. What is totally official is that "ABC Family" (A New Kind of Family) axed this show. It did not fit into Disney's new idea of "Family" since there was nobody having sex with under-age teens, no sodimites, not even the dad was having sex with his kids.... just not what ABC Family wants to shove down our necks. Well, the ONLY show I've ever bothered to watch on their network is gone so I've even removed the channel from my lineup so my remote just passes it by. I'll stick with the Original Kind of Family myself.

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