Wednesday, October 8, 2014

2014 - The Season of No Themes

It took some time to get full rights back for my hijacked '' and now that it's back to full power more-or-less, I'm trying to add themes again. Since Mid-Feb. 2013 I've added over 1,200 and done lots of fixes.

Now it is time to start adding themes for the new 2014 season and dang if there's almost none so-far! Less than 10 of 35 that I've viewed up to now. I don't count 10-second logo flashes as themes. Music-wise the only one I'd write home about is a tot's show "Mia and Me". Great chances missed with Gotham not having any full theme. Betting it is a money thing.

As for the stuff I really like, so far only "Forever" is worth anything. Gotham is really OK, but I'm just not into the 'dark' stuff. Most everything else is too vulgar and/or lewd. I'm not going to scream about taking something off the air - let the adults decide what they want to watch, that's the way it's always done. Sooner or later I'll be down to just watching my DVDs of 1960s series.

Hate the storyline of "Person of Interest", they have ruined one of the few shows I like. I have high hopes for "Flash" (it's on my DVR got to sit down and watch it) and might even give "Arrow" another chance. I'm not a follower of Marvel Comics so I don't understand why they did what they did with SHIELD so "Agents of.." is lost to me now. I do want to watch "Agent Carter" since it will be set in the past.

Gee.... I like ranting!

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