Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Surprised about Surprise Homecoming

Surprise Homecoming

TLC started up a Reality Series with host Billy Ray Cyrus called "Surprise Homecoming". It's a great 'feel good' series where secret arragements are made for a Military member to be able to make a surprise visit to a loved one or two or three and so on.
It's the only Reality Series I've bothered to watch more than 30 seconds of since the start of this reality craze years ago.
What really burns my knickers is that this is about the only series that TLC has ever tried that is not trying to re-educate people to what the liberal left wants or trying to make Christians the bad guys and just tearing down the moral fiber of this country.
They must know it because you can go to their site and find out tons of information on all their shows on the schedule ----- except for this one! It's on the TV Schedule but it you want infomation about the series you have to go and google it (or yahoo it). Maybe 'they' are just working on a page for the show.
If you love our G.I.'s like I do, don't miss this show. It's great to see the support system that so many family members have. God Bless each and every one of them!

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